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October 10, 2007

A Nice Bouquet

"I just came across your blog and wanted to thank you for contributing such a breadth of information regarding many different aspects of microbiology. I'm going to be teaching an advanced microbiology course this spring and I'm excited to be referencing your blog.

Thanks again for spending the time to do this."

Bethany D. Jenkins
University of Rhode Island


I've been enjoying this page very much. I stumbled on it a couple months ago and recognized your name, though I wasn't sure at first where from. Some years ago I bought a used _Growth of the bacterial cell_ on account of some citation somewhere, and loved it. Only later did I find out about _Physiology of the bacterial cell_ and study that book too. They're both so clear, concrete, and precise, and I've recommended them to other people whenever possible. I wish the field of growth rate regulation had progressed and clarified more significantly in the several years since these books were published. It doesn't seem to have changed much, and there's a real brew of contradictions, if I remember right, when it comes to things like ppGpp modulation of various RNA-pol holoenzymes.

Dear Merry and Elio: I think you know how it is with "good works." Most people are grateful, but not everyone says "thank you"! A lot more people enjoy this site than write to you to tell you so!

I cannot overemphasize how important vital and exciting microbiological news is, pedagogically. First, that kind of information---"Microbe of the Week" or something new to be introduced in class---transmits excitement and cutting edge relevance to the students, and that translates to better academic outcomes. Also, your blog is a source of myriad weird and wonderful bits of the microbial world. As part of my microbiology course, students write term papers on a specific microbe of their choice in a long version (a "Microbiography") and a one page summary for posting on the web (a "Nanobiography"). Your blog does help with their choices!

Honestly, ASM should collect some of the fascinating and up to date (or missed entirely in the current literature) microbe tales for publication, as a companion to a textbook. Dixon did that years ago with UNSEEN POWER. But then, you have heard me say that before, ad nauseum.

Many thanks, from both yours truly and my students, who are starting to become fans of "The Microbial Majority."

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