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Robert Murray

It is not just DNA from deceased organisms that drifts down (ever so slowly)from upper levels of lakes and oceans to enricch the depths and eventually sediments. Undoubtedly the complex remains are processed one way and another on the way down and several raally durable polymers may surviive long enough to perform other functions more than feeding the planktonic populations. Among them are polymeric forms like peptiiddoglycans.It is worth adding that these are ligands that take up and exchange metal ions forming a mechaniism of transport of metals. Maybe this is a mechanismm allowing the concentration of metals in some horizons for later transport and concentration as ore bodies. Maybe the matal concretions in lake and ocean bottoms have some such origin. Certainly Terry Beveridgge showed years ago that iisolated bacterial cell walls can be assembled into a column which then forms an effective exchange column for metal ions.

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