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Robert S. Fulghum

Do bacteria in the lower gut really make fat people fat or do fat people's metabolism control the relative number of different species in the GI tract ?

W.E.C. Moore showed in the rumen of cattle (not lower GI flora) that the animal controls the fermentation rate - at least of cellulose. He had twin steers from each he removed the entire contents of the rumens, washed out the rumens, and replaced the contents of each steer's rumen in it's twins rumen.

Having previously measured the rate of the digestion of cellulose in each animal and finding a difference, he repeated the digestion experiment in the animals after the rumen contents had been replaced. He found the digestion rate was characteristic of the individual animal rather than characteristic of the rumen contents (biota) replaced in the other animal. In other words, the animal, not the biota controlled the fermentation rate of cellulose.
I don't remember if he ever published this and I have long since given away my reprint files.
And maybe - just maybe - these were unique animals. One of them learned to lick the light switch and he would turn the lights on in the barn at night !

My best regards to you, Elio.

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