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Robert Murray

This observation points out and reinforces a principle that cells do not get rid of a mechanism (set of genes)when they are no longer required but conserves them for another possible use or for modification so that a new process or structure can be utilized. The transport systems' relationship to flagella motors is a great example. There are probably more variations on the remarkable structure of ATPase than we know now, and this is the more interesting because like the step of making a flagella motor there is a moving element in that complex of molecules. Presumably there are many examples and so there should be a sort of phylogeny for the development oof functional components. Maybbe this could be like the elaboration of super-antigens of Streptococci over the past fifty year. What will they be used for next? It resemblles the gadgeteers box of collected scraps of "junk"that may be useful sometime.

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