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Cesar Sanchez

I completely agree with Julian Davies' opinions. On the other hand, I understand Dick Baltz's point of view. Perhaps it is just a normal misunderstanding between academia and industry.

We all probably agree that the microbial world (and the biosphere in general) still keeps a huge under-explored chemical space. On the other hand, the new approaches (metagenomics, etc.) are not going to work as long as they remain low-throughput processes. I'm optimistic that technical advances will soon convert these processes into high-throughput techniques.

But, still, I think the central problem is the one commented at the end of Julian's letter: "This is an enormous task and, obviously, it cannot be left to the pharmaceutical industry alone. However the industry and government could combine to fund the innovative academic research that is required to make sure that the compounds and their uses are found". Are our societies (political systems, etc) ready to do this in a near future? Here I'm pessimistic.
Elio's response: Thanks for your comment. I agree with it, generally speaking. I have a feeling that funding decisions for the quest of antimicrobial drugs will be guided in part by future developments in infectious diseases. This is a movable feast, which makes it hard to predict what the need for novel antimicrobials may be in the near future.

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