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Lew Orban

Great article!
Have you looked at the specific species and performed a gene comparison with our human skin melanin. It appears the certain fungi are found abundantly in Australia where skin cancer rates are skyrocketing. Could there be a connection with these fungi and the internal makeup of the human genome which does include all varieties of organisms via survival of the fittest approaches to genetic mutations for species adaptation over millions of years.

Melanoma behaves just like the walls in the reactor when exposed to radiation treatments and considered radiation resistant. Possible gene makeup may have laid dormant for thousands of years until activated by increased environmental radiation created via ozone hole and or above ground nuclear testing releases into our environment allowing dormant gene activation sequences for survival via host mechanisms and warning systems. Gamma radiation increases may be due to solar activity and or solar system warping as it moves closer to the galactic center magnetic fields.

In either case no appears to really know what cancer is...do they?

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