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Saul Wall

You may already know this but the joke about "When I hear the word lipid, I reach for my gun!" may have been a take off of Stephen Hawking.

From Wikipedia:
Physicist Stephen Hawking once said, "When I hear of Schrödinger's cat, I reach for my gun," paraphrasing German playwright and Nazi "Poet Laureate", Hanns Johst's famous phrase "Wenn ich 'Kultur' höre, entsichere ich meinen Browning!" ("When I hear the word 'culture', I release the safety on my Browning," often paraphrased as something like, "When I hear the word 'culture,' I reach for my gun.")

I don't know if Hawking knew he was quoting a Nazi since the line has probably entered cultural awareness without known authorship.

Or it is possible that your friend has a real hatred for people who talk about lipids.

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