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Autumn Cochrane

Hah! My microbiology textbook is wrong!! It has never even mentioned the possibility of prokaryotes having linear chromosomes. Not even as a passing comment. That, to me, seems wrong. I can understand my bioplogy books not saying anything, but a microbiology textbook? Even if it is introductory, it should have at least been mentioned in a footnote.

So, um, in direct response to the blog... well, this pokes a huge hole in my response to TQ #2! I also found this blog very fascinating. Good work!

I rather hope that your comment on textbooks was tongue in cheek. Us textbook writers (and I did several) are beset by the problem of rapid advances in the field. This is a good example. The paper on the linear E. coli chromosome is both recent and startling. Not the kind of thing a textbook writer could have predicted. Be kind.


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