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No worries! I'm on it! I work for the Biomimicry Guild and have been adding data into the upcoming AskNature Portal


With a background in plant sciences and plant pathology and with some coursework (and fascination) in fungi, I am so totally in love with the little guys! No doubt about it. The toughest microbe on this earth has got to be a bacterial spore. Talk about protecting oneself! And then, there's Cryptococcus neoformans which is currently thriving on radioactive debris from the Chernobyl reactor (or what's left of it). Pseudomonas making snow and rain in the clouds? Wow. Not to fear. I'm adding them as fast as I can.

You too will be able to add your favorite microbe to the Portal. Go visit our site and see what we are up to. Cheers, Robyn


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