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"Endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful!" I thought of these words (of Charles Darwin) as I read this article. This is a fabulous story.

One commentor suggested, "Maybe the wasps are just the viruses' way of reproducing themselves?"...I'm reminded of Dawkins' "The Selfish Gene". This wasp story is really amazing...parasite/parasitoid evolution is so fascinating. People that argue against evolutionary stories like this (or the evolution of a sophisticated eye, etc.) are really cheating themselves out of enjoying some real wonders of nature, real wonders of nature. (I said it twice because it was the subsject of convergent evolution.) Not only did/does it happen, but it happened more than once!

Another commentor posited, "I don't think we'd be here if not for them" but we could just as easily (more easily?) say the converse! Which came first, the virus or the host genome?

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