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Manuel Sánchez

A kind of chimera between a chaperone, a ribosome and a RNA-polymerase. The chaperon domain will unfold the protein so the side chains of the amino acids could be recognised and read by the ribosome domain. In this part, each side chain will be asociated with a set of specific three bases. For example, leucine with its long hydrocarbon chain will always be asociated with a cytosine, uracil and cytosine. There is not need for a degenerate code this time because we go from 20 to 64 amino acids. This is the tricky part, because it is difficult to imagine an active center that has the side chain and allows the entrance and location of nucleotides. After that, the polymerization of nucleic acid occurs (I bet for RNA) thanks to the polymerase domain.

Because it is an inversion of the proccess I propose the name of chaperoborimerase for this chimeric macromolecule

By the way. Congratulations for the recent prize.

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