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Rat saves the king
A pride of lions was led by the strongest of them all, while the pride followed this big black mane male in the shade of trees where it stood to find a suitable place to lie down, the pride took off after a herd of dears while the lion got entangled in a net which was a trap set by the poacher sitting on top of the tree, the poacher kept sitting as he knew the pride would come any moment with their catch to share the hunt. To his shock he saw a rat come out of the bushes, the rat circled around the entangled lion who was put down sideways helpless with his head on the ground after looking eye to eye in the lions face the rat jumped on lions body and started chewing, biting & cutting the net, the lion picked his head and looked at the rat with mercy full eyes, the lion could feel the loosening of the net, the poacher could not do anything as he had the fear of prides return.
The mouse was fast, it had sharp teeth which matched his urge to nibble off the net and as told by the poacher his expensive net was reduced in large fragments of threads and strands with no ends, the lion came loose and stood up in front of the rat with gratitude & affection all written on his face.

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