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Cesar Sanchez

As usual, a great piece of advice by Professor Hopwood. Thanks, Keith!


- Julius

(Cesar adds):
OK, I guess nobody has understood a single word, so I'm giving now the embarrassing explanation. First, you should know that I'm very bad at remembering names. During a recent SGM meeting at Harrogate, UK, I saw Professor David Hopwood, approached him, and said something stupid like: "Excuse me, are you Keith Chater?" He, very kindly, confirmed he wasn't, he was David Hopwood, and Keith was not coming to the meeting. The earth didn't swallow me up, so he (not making apparent notice of my embarrassment) then gave me some good advice about the talks he thought would be more interesting during the meeting.

Why did I mixed up the names of D. Hopwood and K. Chater?Because, having worked on natural product biosynthesis and genetics of actinomycetes for long years, those two names were closely connected in my brain as the biggest names in the field.

I told this anecdote to Julian Davies during the last ASM general
meeting at Philadelphia. I greatly enjoyed talking to him, he showed
interest for my present work and my career, and made some clever
recommendations. At the end of the conversation, he said something
like "It's been nice talking to you, Julius!" -- of course, making a joke out of my poor memory for names (and note that my name is Cesar, even though I'm not Roman).

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