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Mark O. Martin

I SO love this book, Elio! Thank you for reviewing it.

I think that there is a place for books like this. I would urge microbiologists to remember that at some institutions---like my own---students really only get one chance to experience microbiology. So I like to find books that give the depth and breadth and most of all the wonder of the microbial world. There have been several examples: Bernard Dixon's "Power Unseen" (long out of print) and his more recent "Animalcules;" Howard Gest's "Microbes: An Invisible Universe;" Idan Ben-Barak's "Small Wonders."

I will be assigning John Ingraham's book in my class next year.

More to the point: books like these (and blogs like this!) are important, because folks need to see that microbes are the base of the very biosphere.

But here I am preaching to other High Priests of the One True Faith of Prokaryocentricity!

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