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Psi Wavefunction

OMG Mark you just mentioned one of my favourite papers ever! =D Cellular inheritance is an -awesome- topic!

While it is utterly obvious that in terms of cell biology, [unicellular] protist cells are destined to be far more interesting and complicated than plant or animal cells (as the entire awesome of one organism must be squeezed into a single cell), recently chanced across a paper where someone actually did a crude analysis comparing 'complexity' of metazoan, plant and protist cells: McShea 2002 Evolution http://www.jstor.org/stable/3061584 "A complexity drain on cells in the evolution of multicellularity" While the method is admittedly crude, the conclusions are entirely obvious and unsurprising.

(completely irrelevant but technically microsporidia ain't protists, but rather reduced fungi. Though that doesn't stop certain protistologists from obsessing over them...)

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