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Juliet Pendray

Thank you for checking Merry,

Below is the base reference that took me on a hunt for more info on certain algicolous marine fungi, but I'm almost certain I found something concrete and more current, discussing Elysia species browsing preferentially on fungi-weakened algae. The reference was a bit off topic for me at the time, presumably why I don't recall this well.

Kohlmeyer/Kohlmeyer "Marine Mycology: The Higher Fungi" 1979 page 64 "Didymosphaeria danica ... restricted to cystocarps of Chondrus crispus ... Often holes can be observed in the tips of C. Crispus where cystocarps had been located. Either infected algal fruiting bodies fall out after senescence of the fungus or marine animals feed preferentially on the parasitized tissues."

But yes if I find a better clue - or the material itself if I'm lucky - I will send it along to you.

Yours in curiosity,

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