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Elio Schaechter

Elio replies:

Thanks, Maureen, for the kind words and the generous offer to provide papers from your book. I hope that readers will avail themselves of this opportunity to read such fine papers. By the way, I never met a Kiwi I didn't like!

In response to Coldtoes, you have my blessings. In my view, anyone who seriously professes to have such interests ought to qualify as a biophilosopher. Alas, going to the font of all knowledge, Google, revealed that the term has been co-opted for "a branch of philosophy that assumes that all philosophical systems are based on biological principles, such as evolution, brain function, and ecological systems. See http://biophilosophy.org/index.php/What_is_biophilosophy%3F and http://www.wordiq.com/definition/Biophilosophy

There is a book at Amazon entitled "Foundations of Biophilosophy" for a cool $ 103. Jonas Salk wrote extensively on his view of biophilosophy.

I would have preferred that the term simply denote the study of the philosophy of biology, but it seem to have the converse meaning, the study of the biology of philosophy!

Biophilosophers, please pipe in. You have nothing to lose but your selfish genes!

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