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Mike Jones

I would like to thank everyone involved for bringing this to my attention. Our lab studies Caulobacter crescentus, but more specifically the secreted S-layer protein that it produces.
C. crescentus was listed in this paper as the most economical gram-negative and RsaA (it's S-layer monomer) was listed as the second most economical secreted protein in the study. Caulobacters are experts at living in dilute, nutrient-poor environments, it makes perfect sense that they evolved to be stingy with their proteins, especially their most highly expressed protein, the S-Layer protein, RsaA. This is a incredible insight. We have long know and discussed that RsaA is mostly made of 'small, simple' amino acids but we never clued in to the economy of those amino acids. We often get so in vitro focused that we forget that our organisms exists outside of the lab

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