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to respond to the reviewer that said " I am disappointed that they didn't show it was specifically bacteria in the gut that produced these effects, they simply assumed it." i looked up the paper and found that they did actually test this by taking germ-free mice and lettting them 'conventionalize' and they found them to be identical to the SPF mice. Here's their excerpt,"To test whether conventionalization in early life of GF mice could “normalize” the increased motor activity and alter the anxiety behavior, we conventionalized a new set of GF mice with microbiota obtained from SPF mice 30 d before mating and allowed the progeny to mature in an isolator with bacteria. Adult conventionalized offspring (CON) were behaviorally tested as described above. The rearing activity of the CON mice was significantly different from that of GF mice (P < 0.05) and did not differ from that of SPF mice (Fig. 1E). "

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