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Mark O. Martin

Thanks for all the nice comments! I thought that this post might attract some attention...

1. Suzanne, I am chasing down a paper or two for you; I'll post it when I find it. I loved your comment about "prententious" terminology!

2. Mike, Julian Davies is a fantastic and fascinating person. You'll love chatting with him. And most actinobacteria smell like soil (well, like geosmin), so you will be all set.

3. Lisa, me too. Ed Leadbetter has a great enrichment protocol for a bacterium that smells like butterscotch. THAT I have to have in my protocol book.

4. Julian, I tip my hat respectfully. Literally.

5. Andrew, I will never look at drier sheets the same way---and is the odorant a signal?!

6. Vivek and Eduardo, thank you 10^6 for the kind words. We all need to observe our microbial friends...and sometimes, the best apparatus can be our own senses!

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