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Hi, Merry. Thank you for writing this blog - for whatever reason. I think your writing is clear and concise, and brings the wonders of the microbiological world to a wider audience in a way that is easily understood and appreciated.

I have wanted to ask questions and comment on your blog before, and have not because I wanted to respect your statement in the sidebar: "We welcome other microbiologists to answer queries, comment on our musings, write guest blog entries, and provide feedback." I am not a microbiologist by training, but I have worked in another field of scientific research and am fascinated by the microbiology, molecular biology, and immunology.

My interest in biology has always been there, but it took coming down with (what has oddly become a controversial illness) Lyme disease to motivate me further in my own research and education in microbiology.

I have acquired a number of books (e.g. "Tick-Borne Diseases of Humans" by Goodman, Dennis, and Sonenshine; "The Biology of Disease Vectors" by Beaty and Marquardt; other textbooks on immunology and clinical microbiology). And I've had Horizon Press' leading book on Borrelia out on library loan. I've tried to learn what I can in hopes of understanding my condition and the symptoms which I have had since they have persisted.

I have a number of questions about Lyme disease and microbiology that I'd love to ask, and I admit my ignorance. But hey, ignorance is the first step to understanding - if one does not ask questions and seek the truth, then one will never have the answers.

So I've been doing my own research, and writing about what I've found and ask lots of questions. I hope to introduce other Lyme disease patients to research that is out there and relevant to their situation (and mine). I occasionally write opinion pieces that discuss whether or not Borrelia can persist, and which methods can be used to track pathogens in vivo. I like it when others who have studied spirochetes weigh in - let them correct my mistakes, but also confirm where I am spot-on.

Thank you for inspiring me and teaching me more about microbiology than I knew when I began doing my own survey and personal research in this field. I look forward to reading more of your entries for as long as you decide to write them.


Camp Other

Merry replies:

Thank you for sharing a bit of your story here and for publishing your own blog about Lyme disease and related conditions. I commend your efforts to learn and inform others about an important and currently controversial health issue. And yes, we surely do welcome your comments on STC,

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