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Robert L. Sautter, PhD

I totally agree, great meeting getting better and better. I too love the posters and also the evolution of changes that have been crafted over the last 2 years. So many people involved in this ontogeny. Many changes orchestrated by: Drs. Arturo Casadevall, Margaret McFall- Ngai,Jeff Miller, Bonnie Bassler, David Hooper, Peter Gilligan, Joe Campos, Roberta Carey, Thomas Walsh, Carol Rauch, Bob Sautter, Ellen Jo Baron, Barbara Robinson-Dunn and many many others. The development of a separate Medical Micro track has been very well received. All in all, the meeting is improving all the time. As Dr. S has stated, come and see!!!!

[J. F. Miller, M. McFall-Ngai, and A. Casadevall, mBio 1(5):e00240-10, 2010]).
(T. J. Walsh et al. (mBio 1(5):e00294-10, 2010)

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