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Peter Bonventre

When I read your mild Italian expletive, it took me back to my early life in Brooklyn where I grew up. Our
neighborhood was German Irish but transforming to Italian. The majority of Italians were immigrants primarily fromSicily or Southern Italy. Many belonged to clubs where they met to play cards my father among them. During these games many expletives were uttered but one was innocent, Instead of Corpo di Bacco my father occasionally exclaimed "Per Bacco" which as you know translated means By Bacchus; equivalent perhaps to the English "By Jove"?? I visited the town in Sicily where my father came from in the 1970s and heard the Identical Italian dialect by the elderly. But not by the young people of course who by then spoke Italian rather than Siciliano.

Peter Bonventre

Elio replies:
You're quite right. Per Bacco is used more commonly but Corpo di Bacco sounds a bit more emphatic to me. It's an aside all right, but a fun one.

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