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The bugs go after the receptor that signals gene transcription to kill them, the VDR.
They aren't stupid. http://www.discoverymedicine.com/Shaoping-Wu/2011/04/18/vitamin-d-vitamin-d-receptor-and-macroautophagy-in-inflammation-and-infection/
Silent, chronic inflammation slowly wears down the host (normal aging) or quickly in the immunocompromised (one has no idea what stealth infections are inherited and/or accumulated, although you can sometimes see family patterns of disease). All of our chronically ill patients have dysregulated vitamin D metabolism. It isn't a vitamin but a steroid. It's hard to reverse, considering light is 1,25-D, but you wouldn't expect the bugs to make it easy. The immune system is normally allerted to infection, injury, or toxins, and generates 1,25-D to signal gene transcription. But the bugs break that system. There is a drug that agonizes the VDR, olmesartan, and our patients herx when they start taking it, activating their immune system again, able to kill off pathogens. Our mission is to teach and make it a fair fight with our formidable opponents. all volunteers, non-profit https://chronicillnessrecovery.org/

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