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marcia stone

Thanks Elio --this is important information for ASM members (and even non-members) to know. I cannot think of a worse-case scenario than microbial contamination of an immunosuppressing agent.

I've read that the FDA has been asking for jurisdiction over these manufacturing facilities for a while now and that hasn't been granted. I haven't seen this confirmed though.

Elio replies:
Nice of you to say so. I am shocked, as all of us should be. If I had been the CEO of such a company, I would have recurrent nightmares of contamination. I would make a big investment in quality control, if nothing else from fear of being put out of business. What was in these peoples mind? Yeah, I know, greed is greed, but this transcends just greed and enters the realm of criminal neglicence. They will almost surely go to jail. For long, I hope.

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