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S David H de Lorge

Great stuff! It appears that The Selfish Gene may be a good deal more broadminded than originally supposed. Or is that a good deal less narrow-minded? Totally fun to look at social dynamics in terms of eons, rather than plain old epics.

Anyway, I was musing over apoptosis while listening (as a newbie) to one of the TWIMs, and wondered about pronunciation and how comprehension might be expanded with cognizance of etymology.

Not to be any more picky than I am with myself, I stumbled over the verbalization "aypop-tosis." I don't think I ever got any fussier in my own verbalizations, but it appeared suddenly that "apo-ptosis" might do the concept more justice. (It's okay with me if we keep the English convention of silencing the "p" in "ptosis," although this brings up the original problem again.)

So what do we suppose ptosis is anyway, and how is it modified by prefixing apo?

Yours in delegation of simple research,

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