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Robert Walker

You might like my article here on my science20 blog about some of the things that could go wrong when terraforming Mars, and some of the differences between Earth and Mars which mean we need a different solution for Mars. Interested in any thoughts you have on it.

Not at all saying we shouldn't do it ever, just that, there is no hurry to start, and there are many complexities that could mean that it might easily go wrong just through some small mistake we make or something we haven't thoughth of.

It is perhaps unlikely to evolve its own terraforming cycles naturally, but instead would end up in some other state eventually, maybe back pretty much to the way it is now, but in a state that is harder to terraform a second time.

While perhaps it could be that we can engineer a long term solution for Mars that deals with its lack of continental drift, lack of magnetic field, more elliptical orbit, greater amount of axial tilt, lower gravity and mass, but whatever we end up with will be a unique solution for Mars and probably need a lot of foresight and planning to get it right.


Elio replies:
I great enjoyed reading your article. It's erudite, imaginative, and gives a balanced view of this thorny subject. Thanks for sharing it.

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