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Keith Bell

The file posted here is not the correct show. The correct show can be accessed by clicking download. The brain is not sterile, nor was it ever meant to be sterile. Fetal brain development may depend on omega-3 fatty acids of fetal gut and brain origin. Yet modern science still believes the fetal gastrointestinal tract is sterile without a lick of evidence. Alphaproteobacteria (wolbachia) are also known to live in the brains of insects. This may also solve riddles of how insulin is made in the brain via stimulation of epithelial cells of the blood-brain barrier, etc., pH balance and imbalance via CO2 absorption . . . perhaps even control of other types of microbes such as fungi where overgrowth of fungi may cause neurodegeneration including Alzheimer's (this is why coconut oil is known to halt and reverse Alzheimer's in early stages via lauric acid). Welcome to the world of balanced brain flora.

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