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Brooke Prince

Hi Monika,
Great article! I was wondering if you have done any subsequent research on this topic? Is Be'er et al. the only ones studying this? Are there any other indications for what could be the source of the 20 second rhythm? I had the incredible opportunity to take a seminar last semester entitled "Biological Clocks." We focused mainly on vertebrates and discussed the circadian rhythms that you mention in the introduction. Is it suspected that bacterium have something similar to the SCN, or do they suspect it to be an entirely different mechanism?
I was also interested in why you specifically mentioned that the 24-hour clock seems to be highly conserved and present in cyanobacteria as opposed to other phyla? -Has it only be found in cyanobacteria (in that no other phyla have been studied), or have the other phyla been found to operate on a different clock (such as the 20 second one discussed)?

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